Font Awesome IE9 & IE10 Problem

Recently, I implemented fontawesome on one of my project, everything looked great except there were some problem with Internet Explorer 9 and 10, sometimes the icon displayed and most of the time they don't. I looked around and figure out that … [Read more]

Converting genesis Child theme to HTML5

As you know, Genesis 2.0 has been released that have the support of HTML5. Not every and previously released themes are HTML5 ready so we will learn how to convert them from xHTML markup to HTML5. There are some Hooks, and Classes that needs to be … [Read more]

How to Add Logo on Genesis 2.0+

Genesis version 1.* had an option to either use a Text version of Image as the Logo on your Site, since you have upgraded to the latest version the 2.0+ there is no such option and you might need to do the following to add the logo like me. 1.) … [Read more]

How to move Navigation Menu inside the header in Genesis

There are many ways to add Navigation Menu into the Header area in genesis Child Themes. We will discuss couple of them in this article. Widget Menu: Widgets made life easier for newbies. Here's how to add Navigation Menu via Widget. … [Read more]