Pie-Register have great features which you can’t find in any other FREE Plugins.

Custom Logo Tired of that WordPress logo getting all the attention? Upload your own custom logo image and get your brand in the spotlight.

Password Field Hate those forgettable auto-generated passwords? Allow your users to set their own prefered password during registration. Includes that sweet Password Strength Meter from the Profile page.

Invitation Codes Is your blog super exclusive? If so, you better require an invite to join your high end crew. Setup multiple codes and track where your new users are coming from with the optional Invitation Tracking Dashboard Widget.

Disclaimers Worried about legal liabilities? Setup a general disclaimer, licence agreement and/or privacy policy for new users to agree to during registration.

Captcha Validation Hate spam? If you don’t want those spam bots registering with their very own passwords, you need some protection. Includes a simple captcha easy enough for real humans to read as well as the ability to add a reCAPTCHA.

Email Validation Hate fake emails? Make sure your users are not registering with invalid email accounts by forcing them to click a validation link that’s sent out with their registration email. This sets there username to a random generated string (something like: ‘unverified__h439herld3’) so they can’t login until they hit that validation link which will put their real username back in place allowing them to login as per usual. Unverified registrations have a defined grace period that will automatically delete an unverified account after a specified period of time, so you don’t get clogged up with those fakies. (Manage under Users > Unverified Users)

User Moderation Need absolute control? Check out every new user yourself and hand pick who can stay and who gets the boot before they are able to login to your site. (Manage under Users > Unverified Users)

Profile Fields Want more done sooner? Have new users fill out there entire profile or just bits you need all during registration, you can even make them required.

User Defined Fields Not enough info yet? Add your own defined fields to the registration page for users to fill out. It also adds the new fields to the profile page as well so current users can add their own info and update as needed. Now includes the abililty to add date, select, checkbox, radio and textarea fields!

Duplicate Email Registration Got multiple users using the same email address? Easily solve this prediciment without forcing them to sign up with unneeded email accounts. Also useful for administrators to create another account with one email address.

Customized Admin & User Registration Email Tired of the same old emails when someone new registers? Spice it up with your own From/Reply-To address, customized subject and customize the entire message! You can even disable those tiresome Admin notifications for new registrations.

Charge for Membership Wanna charge your user for registeration? If you would like to charge for a fee for registeration, Pie-Register has Built-in Paypal Integration, now easy to charge members on registeration. Pie-Register seemsly integrates with Paypal.

Installation Easy to install just follow the simple steps:

  1. Upload the Pie-Register directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Set the options in the Settings Panel


  • Place your language file in the plugin folder directory and name it “piereg-{language}.mo” replacing {language} with your language value from wp-config.php


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  2. avatar says

    I use Pie-Register consistently and I am individually a big fan of it. I never realized there were so many connect ins available for it until I saw this publish. I am going to be trying out all of these functions right now. Thanks for discussing this useful publish. Keep up the excellent work!
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  3. avatar says

    upgrade to this publishing, i uncontrolled the bins to demonstrate and need. its a perform around, but i don't like having those additional areas seated there.
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  4. avatar says

    I use Pie-Register regularly and I am personally a big fan of it. I never knew there were so many plug ins available for it until I saw this post. I am going to be trying out all of these features right now. Thanks for sharing this useful post. Keep up the good work!

  5. avatarGreg says

    I added new text fields and then decided to remove some of them, they will not remove? what am i missing?


    • avatarGreg says

      update to this posting, i unchecked the boxes to show and require. its a work around, but i don't like having those extra fields sitting there.


  6. avatarStephen says

    For anyone who can't get it to display…

    It replaces the default wordpress registration page. So you will see it via a "Register" link at the bottom of your WordPress login page (/wp-login.php). You also have to make sure that you have changed the setting in WordPress to "allow anyone to register".

    We had a conflict with BuddyPress, but there is a tiny bit of PHP code out there as a solution for that – can't remember exactly what it was, we googled "disable buddypress registration" to find it.

    It's a great plugin once you have it working!

  7. avatarSmocrate says

    I just install this plugin.
    When I want register I have this error message :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_register() in C:Program Files (x86)EasyPHP-12.1wwwpotentiel-magazinewp-contentpluginspie-registerpie-register.php on line 1188

  8. avatar says

    I'm with the others – what needs to be done to display the registration form? At the moment I have another plug-in for registration that is not associated with Pie Register but doesn't do everything I'd like it to do (yours appears to, so I'd rather use yours).

    It is disappointing to see 3 comments here already and none of them have replies. Bad customer service, especially if you want us to use your product. Hopefully I will receive a response.

  9. avatarKatie; says

    Hi – think the plugin is great but is there any way of having the privacy policy, disclaimers etc as a click on link to a Page rather than have the full text there.

    Sorry if this is obvious but a bit of a newbie.

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